Finney Authenticity Survey

This self-assessment tool was designed to assist you in magnifying your most authentic self, and in discovering the powerful magical gaps where there is work to be done. Coming from a place of authenticity is known to be a benefit in your work (branding, prospecting, maintaining relationships) and non-work life. Please take a few quiet moments to select the sentence that best describes you.


  • I have consciously defined my purpose on the planet and what I have to contribute. My work is directly and meaningfully connected to my purpose. (4)

  • I go to work to make money. (1)

  • I love my job and I think I help people. (3)

  • I understand the concept of purpose and I think about it on occasion. (2

  • I was put on the planet to watch football and drink beer. (0)


  • What you see is what you get. My thoughts, feelings and behavior are generally in alignment. (4)

  • My favorite book is Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. (0)

  • It’s tough out there. I do and say what I need to do and say to get a sale. (1)

  • I try to be the same person across circumstances, but sometimes I need to be someone who I’m not in order to bring in business or keep a client. (2)

  • I try to do the right thing as defined by my compliance with rules (3)


  • I don’t know much about this topic, but am a bit intrigued. (2)

  • I don’t really want people to know me that well. (1)

  • I am committed to allow people with whom I am in relationship to know all of me, risky as it may be. This doesn’t mean I have no boundaries. I am an intelligent sharer of myself. (4)

  • I try not to hide behind my professional persona, but when I get uncomfortable that’s definitely what I do. (3)

  • I identify most with the Tin Man in Wizard of Oz. Guarded is good. Who needs a heart anyway? (0)


  • Everyone thinks I’m great. That’s enough for me. (0)

  • Not sure I really want to know myself that well. (1)

  • I am well acquainted with the parts of myself who can run numbers and make financial plans. (2)

  • I know myself really well, strengths and weaknesses. I have actively worked to achieve this self-knowledge. My self-awareness serves as a grounding strength. (4)

  • I have a pretty good sense of self, but when things get difficult I can get pretty shaken, and then I’m not really sure who I am. (3)

If you scored

13-16 You are extraordinarily authentic. You are probably rocking it at work and at home and are likely to be satisfied and fulfilled.

9-12 You have some good consciousness about you. You have probably done some self-work. You might benefit from some issue specific coaching.

5-8 You are going through the motions and trying to do the right thing. You could definitely benefit from coaching or therapy.

0-4 Hmmm. Pop a cold beer, turn on the TV and carry on.

Tatiana Armstrong