Starting a Company? Things To Ponder On Your Way To Success.

You are young. You are brilliant. You are starting a company. Here are some things to ponder on your way to success.

Jobs don’t fall from the sky just because you have a college degree. Your friends are moving away in pursuit of their next steps. You don’t want to live with your parents. They gave you luggage for graduation, a sure sign they don’t want you living there either. One third of people in their twenties move to a new residence every year. You have a romantic interest, but you’re unsure about sure about her or them. Or you. You will most likely date many people, and statistically you are likely to get dumped many times. Your friends start getting married and reproducing. It seems like everyone else has their act together. (They don’t.) So many choices and decisions to make. So much instability. These issues mark the journey to finding yourself. Psychologists call them Identity Issues.

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