For Startup Teams & Family Businesses

Our Goals:

  • Assess and capitalize on strengths in individuals, teams, and systems

  • Clarify and address team and system dynamics

  • Support and coach teams and systems in addressing inevitable conflicts

  • Collaborate with other professionals to facilitate optimal performance in teams and families


Investors & Startup Teams

No amount of awesome ideas will ever overcome a fundamentally flawed management team. Especially in the early stages of start ups it’s all about the people. Assessing and understanding the dynamics of teams can reveal important information about the potential for success and assist in due diligence. I can help you understand the individual people, and how they perform as a group and as a team.

Advisors to Family Businesses

As a psychologist I can get a quick read and assist in clarifying and understanding the dynamics of individuals and family systems. I will help you identify markers in the system where your advisory activities are most likely to make an impact; and places where intervention is least likely to make a difference.