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It is hard to put into words how much Terri has helped me. As an Entrepreneur it has been hard to find someone that gets what I am going through emotionally, physically. Terri makes you come to terms with things we do not want to. She has made me address so many issues that I knew about and didn't want to come to terms with or issues I did not know existed. This has reduced stress and made me a better founder. She can always get me in the right headspace no matter what. Without her as my coach, I would not be as successful as I am. I owe so much of my success to her. Thank you for everything you have done for me and my business.

Matt Hyder | Founder of Recoup Fitness


Beth Henson

Going through the PRO-D assessment was fascinating. In some areas it reinforced what I already believed about myself, but even better, it also identified strengths and skills in which I wasn’t aware I excelled. The results were much more detailed than other assessments I’ve taken. Terri explained these results to me in a clear way so that I gained new insight into myself, and then she helped me see how to apply the results to my life, goals and career. I’m so glad that I did the PRO-D.

Beth Henson, Attorney Mediator


Marc Nager

Terri has been wonderful. I've worked directly with Terri and also engaged her to work with a number of entrepreneurs via my work. She's been a tremendous resource and helpful in so many capacities.

Marc Nager, Greater Colorado Venture Fund


To put it simply, Terri Finney is an amazing coach. You can tell from your first meeting how much she cares about supporting those around her, especially entrepreneurs. She understands the challenge and stress of being an entrepreneur and balances that with a unique and special ability to support as well as challenge our teams to dig deep and work at the most fundamental level. We are so thankful that she chooses to continue to work with us and our startups. She is an integral part of their health and success as a team, a founder and a person. 

Erin Stadler | Managing Director, Boomtown


David Cohn

Terri has a deep passion and innate wisdom in helping individuals and organizations reach their full potential. As a coach, she increases people's personal effectiveness, responsibility and leadership skills. Her expertise in assessment, communication, and coaching contribute to healthy team dynamics. Most importantly she is easy to work with and interfaces well with other advisors.

David Cohn, David Cohn & Associates


I have know Terri for close to 20 years and she is my go to person for referrals in that she has solid clinical skills and is well grounded as a coach and advisor to families. She possesses the optimum balance between serious engagement and strong yet warm presence.

Courtney Pullen| President, Pullen Consulting Group & Author of Intentional Wealth


Kevin Farrington

Terri is a very experienced and professional coach. In working with her, I was able to uncover new ideas, unlock previously insurmountable decisions, and overcome some challenges that had been unaddressed. If you are looking for an executive coach that will make a difference, my suggestion is that you make contact with Terri.

Kevin Farrington, SVP Global Supply Chain & Operations


I love Terri's down to earth way of helping me look for paths and options in my life. She wasn't there to give me the answers, but rather to guide me towards the best actionable solutions. I would recommend her for anyone looking to improve their professional lives and maximize their purpose.

Tatiana ARmstrong| Founder of Voici Designs


I had the pleasure of working with Terri on one of our family business clients. She has a talent for communicating in a practical manner and stays on point with her message. She is courageous, not afraid to ask the tough questions and has a good understanding of what we’re trying to accomplish. She is an excellent collaborator and I would definitely like to work with her again in the near future!

Larry Hause | Family Business Transitions